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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top Five Speaker Designs For Music Lovers

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  1. Top Five Speaker Designs For Music Lovers - 2012-03-26 01:41:38-04

    A while back, the idea was to make speaker light and small, we had headphones that you could hardly see and speakers so small that they looked like they belonged in Lilliput. However, small is out and now it is time to show off your speakers. In this Top Five we have found some really interesting devices that will not only offer the user full bodied sound, but are something that really looks the part as all good music systems should. Like karaoke then love this It would seem that the love of karaoke has faded, simply because there is little sign of this sort of entertainment going on in bars and clubs as did a few years back. The reason for this is probably because of devices like this Karaoke Anywhere for iPad 2, no need to go out and embarrass yourself any longer either, as you can now do it at home or in the office after work. These are the features for the Karaoke Anywhere for iPad 2; Turn your iPad into a karaoke machine with the Karaoke Anywhere for iPad2. Simply attach your iPad to the stand and then take up one of the two mics … Continue reading

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  2. Top Five Gadgets That Require USB Port Access - 2012-03-27 01:42:57-04

    We may not know it, but we all use the USB port in a computer for something or other, even if it is just for connecting the printer to the system. However, there are so many items around these days that use the USB port for so many different reasons. In this Top Five, we are going to be looking at some interesting ideas that use the USB port for something other than connecting a device to the computer. Four port USB hub in the style of a robot We have seen USB hubs in all shapes and sizes, most have nothing to do with science and technology, and they often tend to work with trends, such as movies and games. However, this is a robot in white and it has four USB ports to use too, it really does not get any better than this. These are the specs and features for the Stylish Robot Four ports USB 2.0 HUB; Robot designed Portable & stylish Four USB2.0 ports Transmission Rate: 480Mbps Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 Plug and play Powered by USB With LED indicator Weight: 85.60 g Size: 11.3 x 10.4 x 2.5 cm Priced at $6 Source [Technabob] … Continue reading

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  3. Top five Gadgets For The Kids - 2012-03-28 02:11:24-04

    The world of new gadgets and technology would not be half as exciting without kids gear. So in this Top Five we are looking at stuff that has been designed just for kids, of course it does not necessarily mean that just because these ideas have been designed with kids in mind, that they are just for kids as adults are allowed to have a bit of fun now and then too. Kidsocial the safer social network One of the main worries for parents whose kids are active on the popular social networks is safety. We know now that not everyone can be trusted online and that many people use aliases etc. so to make social media safer for younger users, there is Kidsocial, this site allows kids to do virtually everything that they want, but with parents, being informed when a new connection is made. These are the details for Kidsocial the network designed for kids; Kidsocial is great for kids wanting to connect and share with their real-world friends yet avoid the danger an open profile page or a website where anyone can ‘friend’ anyone else. In Kidsocial, kids generate Secret Friendship Codes they can pass out to … Continue reading

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  4. Top Five Gadgets That Use Augmented Reality - 2012-03-29 01:41:10-04

    Augmented Reality technology is still something that is in its early stages and yet it has been adopted by many industries as a way of attracting customers in the first place with a view of ensuring that they come back. In this Top Five, we are going to be looking at some interesting ideas that use Augmented Reality technology to offer the consumer and their Smartphone a completely new experience, be it in the office, stores or restaurants. Zappar launch AR greetings cards The greetings card business has been going through a rocky patch recently, but it has evolved with the internet to become just as strong as ever. In fact, the high speed internet access that is available to consumers has working in the favour of greetings card producers and now with Augmented Reality technology greetings cards can quite literally come to life. According to Caspar Thykier, who is the Managing Director of Zappar, he said, "This will be the next step in how people receive and view greeting cards, providing purchasers and recipients with a whole new way of creating personal messages. We feel implementing AR in such an everyday item as a greeting card is a great … Continue reading

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  5. Top Five Coolest Gadgets That Have Been Designed For Gamers - 2012-03-30 01:49:27-04

    When it comes to consumers there are none more fussy and demanding than a gamer, they are naturally competitive and this also applies to what they buy. So in this Top Five we are going to be looking some interesting gaming gear, we are not focusing on one precise sector, but more like a snap shot of some cool gaming gear that is currently unavailable on the market, game on! Classic gaming USB joystick Here is a chance to play games how they used to be played, back in the day when Bill Gates was a young man! However, there is a modern feel to device too, it connects via the USB port and on board there are six full versions of the authentic Midway Arcade Games originally designed for the PC. These are the details on the very interesting X-Gaming USB Joystick; Emulator fans rejoice, your controller is here Authentic arcade joysticks and buttons Fully compatible with your favourite emulation software Relive your arcade glory days in the comfort of your home Fully programmable buttons allow you to customize your controller Precise sensors ensure that you will crush your enemies Connects to your computer via USB (cable included) Includes … Continue reading

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