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Top five gagdets that are great for food and drink

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  1. Top five gagdets that are great for food and drink - 2013-01-21 04:11:55-05
    Cooking can be a joy for some and a nightmare for others, but with the help of technology and gadgets cooking and drinking has changed making it much more of a pleasure than something that is just a chore. In this top five, we have been searching for gadgets that help with cooking, eating and drinking, they may not make the food and drink taste better, but they will help out in other ways. Produce perfect eggs with the BeepEgg Boiling an egg might seem simple enough, but it is all about timing to get the desired result and this egg shaped timer is just the job, it offers the user the ability to boil an egg to perfect by alerting them when the time is up. These are the features for the BeepEgg egg timer; Temperature controlled egg timer Plays melodies when eggs reach desired hardness Original: “Killing Me Softly” , “Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken” and “It’s a Heartache” Rock God: “Smoke on the Water” , “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” and “The Final Countdown” Disco Diva: “Celebration” , “That’s The Way” and “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” To stop the melody put BeepEgg in … Continue reading

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  2. Top five gadgets that can help you stay fit and healthy - 2013-01-22 04:13:40-05
    For most of us keeping fit and healthy is essential as it enables us to keep working, running our businesses or just being competitive at sports. However, finding time is a challenge and this is where gadgets and technology can step in to help out. In this top five, we have been looking for a gadgets that can assist in health and fitness, time is limited and so this stuff is going to allow the user to keep on the fitness road with no excuses about the free time they have available. Get fit with the Body Check Ball This is an interesting little thing that may only appear to be a ball, but in reality is a piece of hi-tech kit designed to help you maintain a reasonable fitness level as part of a daily workout routine. Here are the main details for the cool and interesting Body Check Ball; Electrodes read body fat, bone mass, and muscle ratio Stores up to 10 different user profiles Clock and alarm functions Size: 74 x 80 x 78 mm Weight: 120g Power: 4 AAA batteries, sold separately Backlit LCD screen Manual: Japanese but self explanatory This handy little device will cost … Continue reading

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  3. Top five gadgets that all use remote control - 2013-01-23 03:25:13-05
    Remote controls are everywhere these days; in fact, it would be hard to live for some of us without using at least one remote control device. Therefore, in this top five, we have gone all out for remote control and it is quite surprising just how much stuff that we tend to take for granted can be controlled remotely. There are also those fun items too, life is too short to live without a bit of fun now and then, don't you think? The remote control Battletank from Desk Pets There is nothing wrong with a attacking your work colleagues with specialist office warfare weaponry it is just a matter of office survival. So why not add this Battletank to your forces, its remote controlled via an app and although it has no firing capabilities, it does have ramming speed to take out the enemies weapons. This is what the battletank can do and what makes it cool; BattleTank is an action packed palm-sized app controlled robotic tank fully controllable through your Apple® or Android™ devices. With two great play modes, you can chase down the autonomous drone tank (purchased separately) or re-enact your favourite tank battles with a friend. … Continue reading

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  4. Top five designs for cool skateboards - 2013-01-24 04:04:30-05
    The skateboard has been around for a long time, it used to be literally made from a skate and a piece of wood, but these days the skateboard is made to high standards and that is what we are going to be looking today. In this top five, we have found some seriously cool skateboard designs, they range widely in prices and technology, but at the end of the day, they are still skateboards. Cycle and skateboard combo the Skatecycle This is something that is a combination of a bike and skateboard, they have called it the Skatecycle for obvious reasons and it offers the rider a great way to get around while looking cool at the same time. Here are the main specs for the interesting skateboard based Skatecycle; Please Note: Winner of a Bronze 2010 IDEA award. Available in black or white Product Features: Self-propelled hub less skate. Ride hills or on the flat. Folds for easy transport. Two slip-resistant footboards inside the wheels. Perfect for the street or skate parks! Dimensions: Measures approximately 81.3 cm (L) x 16.5 cm (W) x 22.9 cm (H). Weighs approximately 3.3kg The price of this cool looking skate cycle starts from … Continue reading

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  5. Top five cameras that are ready to use - 2013-01-25 02:40:45-05
    Cameras and images are big news these days as we live in a world that is fuelled by images and with social media to thank for this growth. Therefore, in this top five, we are going to be looking at gear associated with images, it is going to be mainly cameras, but there are other gadgets in this sector too. Therefore, this is going to be heaven for anyone interested in producing great images. Small camera for action shots It is hard to tell from the image just how small this camera is, but 6 cm high it can go almost anywhere and not make much difference, so it ideal for cyclists, walkers and just about anyone involved in extreme sports who want to keep a record of their exploits to show others at a later date. Here are the specs available with the Ego Wi-Fi HD Action Camera; Video Resolution: 1080p at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second Video file format: H.264 MOV Audio: Mono Microphone Photo resolution: 12 megapixels Photo format: JPG Internal memory: 256MB External memory: Micro SDHC Class 6+ up to 32GB Recommend Class 10 Micro SD Card. Not included Sensor: … Continue reading

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