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Re: [computer-tech-support: 8523] Re: Sound Problem

We need to know the model number of the IBM you are using or the motherboard model before we can point you in the right direction.  We understand that it has worked before but you just need the correct driver package.

If you aren't willing to give us the information we require to assist then I do not believe we can get anywhere, none the less if you want to poke around a few websites, most companies use Realtek for their sound chips, feel free to check out Realtek's website and you may be able to download an entire driver package and see if that works...

Keep in mind that since we do not know the model then these links may be useless.

For Normal 2.0 sound cards (no surround sound)

For HD Audio (including surround sound)

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Gumux Ranger Other Side

Gumux Ranger Other Side

Protector Plus 2011 - Antivirus software for Windows Desktops

Posted: 03 Mar 2011 06:57 AM PST

Protector Plus 2011 antivirus software for Windows is the ideal antivirus software to protect your computer against all types of threats like viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and other potential threats. Protector Plus 2011 is backed by the antivirus specialists of Proland Software, who have expertise in developing antivirus software since 1989. Protector Plus 2011 is easy to use and has a set of innovative features. It is continuously updated to efficiently handle the ever-changing threats posed by all types of malware.

Protector Plus users are assured of committed support and timely updates. Users in over 100 countries are satisfied with Protector Plus for its performance and quality. Protector Plus 2011 is designed to perform reliably at home as well as in a corporate environment.

Protector Plus 2011 - Antivirus software for Windows Desktops

Protector Plus 2011 Key Features :

Protector Plus 2011 has been designed with all new interface for easier use. All critical components of an anti-virus software are available at the click of a button. The interface is intuitive, even first time users find it easy to configure Protector Plus 2011 for their needs.

The scan engine is fine tuned for a better scanning performance. To detect the latest viruses a new heuristics scan technology is implemented to provide maximum security.

Real-time Scan
The Real-time scanner of Protector Plus 2011 is designed to monitor the system all the time. It prevents any virus from entering the system during the activities like browsing the internet, accessing the network or while using removable media like cd-rom, usb drives, etc. The Real-time scanner will ensure that the system is free of any security threats.

Email Scan
Improved email scan with the latest technology of stopping infected emails at the incoming port before they reach your Inbox. Email scan configurations are automated to make it easier even for first time users.

InstaUpdate feature of Protector Plus 2011 will automatically download the virus signature updates in the background without disturbing the user. It can download hourly updates to provide protection against the latest threats that spread rapidly.

Submit Sample
A powerful feature, which assists the support executives at Proland Software to provide product support and to investigate the users' system. Through the user friendly interface files can be easily submitted to the virus analysis lab. Users can submit the suspicious files like those loaded at the system startup, the files that are heuristically detected as suspicious or the files moved to the Quarantine folder. Every submission is analysed and a report is sent to the user.

Virus Database updates
Virus database updates which are compact in size are released everyday. Added to this, emergency updates are released whenever there is an outbreak of a virus in the wild. InstaUpdate feature of Protector Plus 2011 will automatically download these updates free of cost.

Download Protector Plus 2011 from link below :
web developer

Earthquakes - Seismic Destruction

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 02:59 AM PDT

Earthquakes - Seismic DestructionEarthquakes, also called temblors, can be so tremendously destructive, it's hard to imagine they occur by the thousands every day around the world, usually in the form of small tremors.

Some 80 percent of all the planet's earthquakes occur along the rim of the Pacific Ocean, called the "Ring of Fire" because of the preponderance of volcanic activity there as well. Most earthquakes occur at fault zones, where tectonic plates—giant rock slabs that make up the Earth's upper layer—collide or slide against each other.

These impacts are usually gradual and unnoticeable on the surface; however, immense stress can build up between plates. When this stress is released quickly, it sends massive vibrations, called seismic waves, often hundreds of miles through the rock and up to the surface. Other quakes can occur far from faults zones when plates are stretched or squeezed.

Scientists assign a magnitude rating to earthquakes based on the strength and duration of their seismic waves. A quake measuring 3 to 5 is considered minor or light; 5 to 7 is moderate to strong; 7 to 8 is major; and 8 or more is great.

On average, a magnitude 8 quake strikes somewhere every year and some 10,000 people die in earthquakes annually. Collapsing buildings claim by far the majority of lives, but the destruction is often compounded by mud slides, fires, floods, or tsunamis. Smaller temblors that usually occur in the days following a large earthquake can complicate rescue efforts and cause further death and destruction.

Loss of life can be avoided through emergency planning, education, and the construction of buildings that sway rather than break under the stress of an earthquake.

Compost Cab Helps City Dwellers Turn Garbage to Soil

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 02:53 AM PDT

Compost Cab Helps City Dwellers Turn Garbage to SoilIf you live in a city, you might have a window box or a pot of tomatoes on your balcony. You might even be lucky enough to have a small backyard garden. But do you compost?

Probably not: composting in a small space is tough, not to mention smelly. You could get a worm bin or a bokashi system, but the truth is: for city dwellers, composting is more often an ideal than a reality.

Enter Compost Cab, a soon-to-launch concept for city-dwellers in Washington, D.C. For $8 a week, Compost Cab provides you with a trash bin which you fill with organic waste. Then the company picks it up each week and trucks it to a nearby urban farm, which turns your banana peels and coffee grounds into soil.

The idea's the brainchild of entrepreneur Jeremy Brosowsky, who saw that community gardens and urban farms near him were having trouble finding rich enough soil to grow large quantities of food, at the same time he was wishing he could do something with his own kitchen scraps.

Brosowsky's interest is in urban agriculture--greening cities, reducing the heat island effect (covering all that concrete and asphalt with parks and gardens) and getting local food to people who need it through community gardens and other projects. So he hasn't even calculated whether the emissions saved through a composting program will offset the carbon pumped out of the back of Compost Cab's truck.

But "it's impossible for me to envision doing less good by not letting this stuff rot in a landfill," he says.

We're definitely skeptical of carbon footprint "calculators," but we had to run the numbers. If Compost Cab was using, say, a late-model diesel SUV (it's not; it's using a truck), it'd put about 10 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Composting a ton of food saves a quarter-ton of methane and 60 pounds of carbon, so Compost Cab would need to collect and compost 330 tons of food yearly to be carbon neutral. But, Brosowsky says, just four average families produce a ton of food waste a year. He'd only need to sign up 1320 families, or a few office buildings, to get those kind of numbers.

And of course, the benefits of composting go beyond saving a bit of carbon. Food gets a little more local. Neighbors get a little closer to the earth. Even the green-collar workers hauling away your grass clippings and celery tops get a little more respect, says Brosowsky. "Garbage men don't get treated with respect, because we treat trash like trash. So why would we treat the people who handle the trash any different? This compost has value--we're imbuing it with value--and imbuing them with value too."

The service is starting small in Washington D.C., but Brosowsky hopes that Compost Cab will expand. He sees the model as eminently franchiseable, so people in other cities can start up their own compost cabs. And eventually, he hopes, even city governments will get in on it.

"My hope is that we'll be able to show the city what we're capable of doing and prove to them there's money to be saved. Then I'll say, 'Give me Ward 1,'" he says, referring to one of the eight districts that make up Washington D.C. Ultimately, he wants to haul compost from a large area on the city's dime--even as the government saves money on trash-hauling because less of it is being hauled.

And that's a win-win situation everybody can benefit from. No worms required.

--Rachel Kaufman

Compost Cab image courtesy Jeremy Brosowsky.

Hurricanes - Engines of Destruction

Posted: 02 Jul 2010 02:45 AM PDT

Hurricanes - Engines of DestructionHurricanes are giant, spiraling tropical storms that can pack wind speeds of over 160 miles (257 kilometers) an hour and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons (9 trillion liters) of rain a day. These same tropical storms are known as cyclones in the northern Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and as typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean's hurricane season peaks from mid-August to late October and averages five to six hurricanes per year.

Hurricanes begin as tropical disturbances in warm ocean waters with surface temperatures of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.5 degrees Celsius). These low pressure systems are fed by energy from the warm seas. If a storm achieves wind speeds of 38 miles (61 kilometers) an hour, it becomes known as a tropical depression. A tropical depression becomes a tropical storm, and is given a name, when its sustained wind speeds top 39 miles (63 kilometers) an hour. When a storm's sustained wind speeds reach 74 miles (119 kilometers) an hour it becomes a hurricane and earns a category rating of 1 to 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Hurricanes are enormous heat engines that generate energy on a staggering scale. They draw heat from warm, moist ocean air and release it through condensation of water vapor in thunderstorms.

Hurricanes spin around a low-pressure center known as the "eye." Sinking air makes this 20- to 30-mile-wide (32- to 48-kilometer-wide) area notoriously calm. But the eye is surrounded by a circular "eye wall" that hosts the storm's strongest winds and rain.

These storms bring destruction ashore in many different ways. When a hurricane makes landfall it often produces a devastating storm surge that can reach 20 feet (6 meters) high and extend nearly 100 miles (161 kilometers). Ninety percent of all hurricane deaths result from storm surges.

A hurricane's high winds are also destructive and may spawn tornadoes. Torrential rains cause further damage by spawning floods and landslides, which may occur many miles inland.

The best defense against a hurricane is an accurate forecast that gives people time to get out of its way. The National Hurricane Center issues hurricane watches for storms that may endanger communities, and hurricane warnings for storms that will make landfall within 24 hours.

Paragon Rescue Kit 9.0 With Boot Corrector

Posted: 22 May 2010 12:27 AM PDT

Paragon Rescue Kit 9.0 Express, a Paragon bootable rescue kit able to fix boot problems and integrate data recovery tools when your windows system fails to boot. All you need use disc burning software to burn paragon rescue kit into bootable CD/DVD media and it will be prepared for any situation. Moreover, Paragon Kit 9.0 capable recovers the deleted partition at minimal effort.

The best features on Paragon Rescue Kit perhaps is the Boot corrector features, which allow you fix the majority of boot problems for Windows Operating System and gives you access to your data.

Paragon rescue kits features :

File Transfer Wizard - The file transfer wizard will helps you to retrieve valuable information from your disks and copy it to another local drive, partition or burn the data to CD/DVD.

Undelete Partition – When simply deleting a partition (without additional wiping) disk management software only removes the references to it in the Partition Table, thus leaving the possibility to recover it later. The Undelete Partitions Wizard enables you to find and recover partitions. A restored partition will be fully functional, as long as other partitions were not created, moved or exceeded the disk space.

Paragon Rescue Kit has the professional version which offers extra features like network configurator, Wiping, Windows password cleaner and Registry Editor.

Paragon Rescue Kit 9 Express Registration Page | Download Paragon Rescue Kit 9.0 free (45.78MB installer )

Recover Data Files from Recycle Bin With Glary Undelete

Posted: 22 May 2010 12:17 AM PDT

Glary UndeleteGlary Undelete, another data recovery freeware that able to recover deleted files from Recycle bin or removable storage drive. It can perform various file system data recovery by filtering file name, file size and recovery state. Plus more, this data recovery software also support recovery of compressed, fragmented and encrypted files on NTFS.

Glary Undelete Key Features :
  • Supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS + EFS file systems
  • Supports recovery of compressed, fragmented and encrypted files on NTFS
  • Supports Basic and Dynamic Volumes
  • Undelete files on removable devices (SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, etc.)
  • Filter by file name, file date, size, recovery state
  • Supports Windows XP/ VISTA / 2003 Server Operating Systems
So, Glary Undelete is another light file recovery software to restore your accidently deleted file easily. Download Glary Undelete

Auslogic Task Manager - Free Windows Task Manager Replacement

Posted: 22 May 2010 12:09 AM PDT

Auslogic Task Manager, another free Windows task manager replacement developed by Auslogic for Windows operating system. This alternative task manager can be run as portable application as part of any computer troubleshooting kits. Plus more, Auslogics Task Manager portable file size is around 1.66 Megabytes and easy to fit in on removable storage drive.

Auslogic Task Manager divides the information in the four different sections applications, processes, services and open files. The Auslogic Task manager application and process window uses a showing similar interface that listing the name of the application or process, a security rating, cpu usage, memory and disk utilization, Internet traffic and priority. A left click on any application or process will display the utilization of that specific program or process which can be a great way of finding the resource heavy applications and processes on a system.

Auslogic Task Manager ReplacementMeanwhile, Services view will display the running Windows services again with a security rating, category and path. Open Files will display all files that are currently open in the operating system. It will display name of the file and the application that has locked it. Beside that, the display graphs on bottom show cpu usage, memory usage, disk activity and Internet traffic information. Download Auslogics Task Manager | Portable Version

Download Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011

Posted: 20 May 2010 07:56 PM PDT

Well this is not exactly free offer, but a free beta offer. Symantec has released the beta versions of Norton 2011 the successor of Norton 2010.If you want to test or if you want have a glimpse at theupcoming version of Norton 2011 products, then download the pre-release software of Norton Internet Security 2011 & Norton AntiVirus 2011 from link below.

Norton Internet Security 2011 Free Beta

Norton Internet Security 2011 Free BetaNorton AntiVirus 2011 protect your PC from viruses and it provides best performance without slowing down your computer.It also warns you if downloaded files are safe for installation and running on the computer.

Download Norton AntiVirus 2011 Beta

Learn BIOS Beep Code With BIOS Beep Code Viewer

Posted: 20 May 2010 07:29 PM PDT

BIOS Beep Code ViewerWhen you start your computer you heard a Beep Sound from your Motherboard, it is one of the most important thing of your computer. This beep sound varies with the motherboard.

Do you know why this type of Beep Sound comes? or what is the meaning of this Beep Sound?

Now here is the full solution of your answer.
All this Beep sound has separate meaning but this beep sound pattern maybe short or long or any combination of short and long in nature.

But all this Beep sound indicate to one point which is something going wrong with your Hardware.

Each of Beep sound indicate a specific problem of your Hardware. Unless you do not know its meaning you can not take proper action for solve your problem.

Something About POST :
The computer POST (Power On Self Test) tests the computer, insuring that it meets the necessary system requirements and that all hardware is working properly before starting the remainder of the boot process. If the computer passes the POST the computer will have a single beep (with some computer BIOS manufacturers it may beep twice) as the computer starts and the computer will continue to start normally. However, if the computer fails the POST, the computer will either not beep at all or will generate a beep code, which tells the user the source of the problem.

How Did You Know The Full Details Of This BIOS Beep
Rizonetech made a small portable application tool called Rizone Beep Code Viewer which is integrated with difference kind of BIOS Beep Code. This application tool integrated with following BIOS Beep Code :
  • AMI BIOS beep codes
  • AWARD BIOS beep codes
  • IBM BIOS beep codes
  • Phoenix BIOS beep codes
Rizone Beep Code Viewer is a portable application which mean no installation required and it is absolutely free. The current version of BIOS Beep Code Viewer is

OS Required : Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Latest version of Windows 7

Improve Vista Battery Time with Vista Battery Saver

Posted: 20 May 2010 07:02 PM PDT

Vista Battery Saver, A free vista battery management application that improves the battery time on Windows Vista. This Vista battery saver work on the premise by turning off the Vista's side-bar and Aero effects while your vista laptop battery is getting low level and able to extend another 25 percent battery time for longer usage.

Vista Battery SaverMeanwhile, Vista battery saver is intelligent enough turn on Aero Glass effect and Gadget Sidebar automatically while plugged in to a power source. After install, this battery save application will automatically start under windows vista system tray and consuming low memory usage only. Then the battery vista saver will start monitoring your vista battery time and do what should the application needed.

Beside that, here is a test report how vista battery saver can truely expand your vista battery time with Vista Battery saver application. Download Vista battery saver

Recover CD DVD Data With Abyssal Recovery

Posted: 20 May 2010 05:03 AM PDT

Normally CD DVDs disc has their own lifespan, which it might unreadable over time even you stored it properly. So, you can consider use Abyssal Recovery software to recover back the data files on scratched, or defective CD and DVD discs.

Abyssal Recovery is a CD DVD data recovery software that allows you rescue corrupted or lost data from damaged, scratched, or defective CD and DVD discs. This CD DVD files recovery will scan the CD DVD surface and skip the data bytes which are not readable from file and copy all other bytes to extract maximum data.

It will copy files on the byte level ensuring that everything that can still be read will be copied to the destination directory. Plus more, there are another CD DVDs file recovery feature (not recommended) – we can set a higher number of bytes to be copied once for a faster recovery.

Abyssal RecoveryBesides recover CD DVD files, Abyssal recovery also act as hard drive data recovery software on computer to recover deleted files from your hard disk. To recover files and data, open the application and select the drive you want to do recovery.

Even Abyssal recovery consider a good CD DVD data recovery tool can recover deleted and corrupted data, sometimes it might not able to recover badly damaged data due to the disc surface can't be readable. At least, you can use Abyssal Recovery a try to recover date from damaged, scratched, or defective CD and DVD discs.

Abyssal Recovery is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system. It can be downloaded from the developer's homepage.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5 – Free Windows Data Recovery Software

Posted: 20 May 2010 04:56 AM PDT

Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5, the latest free data recovery software from Easeus that helps windows user recovers data from formatted, deleted and dynamic disks. The software even recovers data from Linux file system partition under Windows.

Beside that, Data recovery wizard is designed with wizard mode that makes the data recovery process easy even for a beginner. There are two major module on Data recovery wizard free edition, which is very impressive me as a data recovery software.

The built-in Deleted File Recovery Module of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition can get deleted files back after you have emptied the recycle bin. It can recover the deleted Word, Excel, PowerPoint, photo, email, database, and all document formats and folders in Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, which have been emptied from or by-passed the Windows Recycle Bin.

The built in Complete Recovery Module is designed for data recovery from formatted partition, crashed file system without drive letters. The Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition displays a number of statistics, including the volume label, the type of file system, the capacity, and its information. Once you have identified the partition from which you want to recover data, select the partition and then press "NEXT" to begin "Intelligent Searching".

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5The Intelligent Searching will scan the selected partition, collect and analyze every byte on the partition, then show you a list of partitions possible on it. In default state, the partition that was suggested in High was chosen. And the others are not chosen. This will give you a good idea that which partition will yield the best results. Select the file or directory that you want to recover and press the "Next" button, you will have your lost file recovered from formatted partitions within minutes.

Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 5 Key Features:
  • Recover files from formatted partitions with original file names and storage paths.
  • Recover data from lost/deleted partitions.
  • Recover from dynamic disks.
  • Recover from Linux file system partition under Windows.
However, data recovery wizard free has disadvantage, which you can recover maximum of 1 GB data using this free version.

Data Recovery Wizard supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7 operating systems.

Free Mobile Antivirus For Mobile Phone

Posted: 19 May 2010 07:06 PM PDT

Mobile antivirus, a mobile version anti virus application to protect mobile phone OS away from mobile virus and mobile malware threats. Normally mobile antivirus performs basic antivirus scanning on the mobile files or data and prevent protect your smartphone from harm, automatic updates, blocking of dangerous network connections and much more.

Why Mobile Antivirus is essential for mobile phone or smart phone?

Since mobile virus and mobile malware no much appear on smart mobile phone, but still mobile security vendor giving out timely warning notices of alarming rise in mobile viruses and mobile phones are a valuable target for hackers and internet criminals in the future. Even mobile phone viruses do exist but lesser in number at this moment, and that doesn't mean that your data at mobile phones are safe. So, your mobile phone or smart phone needs antivirus solution to protect your valuable mobile data files.

Over mobile anti virus market, there are a lot of commercial mobile antivirus for mobile phone such as Kaspersky mobile security, Trend Micro mobile antivirus, Norton mobile antivirus, F-Secure mobile antivirus and etc. But still there is free mobile antivirus available to download for your mobile phone.

Over here, I have listed free mobile antivirus application that support various of mobile phone and smart phone operating system such as Android, iphone, Windows mobile and Symbian.

Free Mobile Antivirus List:

1. Lookout Mobile Antivirus

Lookout Mobile AntivirusLookout Mobile antivirus is mobile security software that comes with mobile antivirus and mobile firewall features to keep your phone and data safe from Virus, hackers and spyware attacks.

Beside mobile security, Lookout also comes with value added mobile features such as online mobile storage and locate missing phone features. The lookout online mobile storage allows backup all mobile data on your phone and restore back at any time via their online mobile storage. Meanwhile, Locate Missing smart phone features you to respond when your device is lost or stolen. Locate your device, sound an alarm, wipe your personal information — all remotely from the web.

Lookout Mobile Antivirus support mobile platform: Andriod, Symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone

2. NetQin Mobile Antivirus

NetQin Mobile AntivirusNetQin mobile antivirus is a comprehensive mobile antivirus that using leading technology to protect your mobile phone against all the latest mobile threats. A Combination of firewall and real-time monitoring ensure your mobile device is safe and secure.

Meanwhile, the free mobile antivirus is easy to use and enables you surfing web and download applications without concerns of virus attack, detects and removes leading malicious mobile threats and while simultaneously enhancing overall mobile performance.

NetQin Mobile antivirus support devices are Symbian and Windows Mobile.

3. AntiVirus Free
Antivirus Free for AndroidAntivirus free is a basic andriod mobile antivirus that provides ongoing scanning and cleansing of Android devices, protecting against viruses, malware, OS exploits to ensure the integrity of applications and data. DroidSecurity SMS filters provide an additional layer of content security, blocking spam text messages and SMS exploits. In addition, DroidSecurity alerts users to suspicious new applications or possible mis-configurations ensuring phone operability.

So, above free mobile antivirus list definitely can protect your mobile phone or smart phone data away from mobile virus and mobile malware threats. If you know other free mobile antivirus should includes on the above list. Let us know and share with our reader? Or share your mobile antivirus experiences with others

The Best Home Firewall Protection Application For Windows PC

Posted: 19 May 2010 06:57 PM PDT

Firewall provides a secondary protection when antivirus fails, Agnitum Outpost Firewall comes with a really solid firewall protection with standard packet and application filtering to safeguard your data.

Free may not be good, at least according to Norton. Somehow they felt threaten and decided to retaliate by setting up a page on why free antivirus is bad. They've got some really good points there, sad to say it is still not convincing enough.

The Best Home Firewall Protection Application For Windows PCAgnitum Outpost free firewall features and benefits :
  • Bidirectional firewall, filter inbound and outbound traffic
  • Protection that can't be shut down by hackers
  • Application behavior monitoring
  • Intuitive, resource-friendly operation
  • Activity monitoring capabilities
  • Windows Vista and 64-bit compatibility
  • Download Agnitum Outpost Free Firewall

Free Raid 0, 1 and 5 Data Recovery Service Tools For Windows

Posted: 19 May 2010 06:52 PM PDT

How transfer RAID arrays between chipsets without losing data when you motherboard failed? If you're looking at ways to recover deleted RAID data files or how to unlock your native RAID array, look no further. It is always advisable to stop depending on your motherboard chipset to support your RAID configuration, by doing so, you lock yourself to the motherboard and its chipset, this will make data recovery a headache when the system fail.

Now you can mount RAID arrays and Dynamic Disks created with all current Intel, nVidia or VIA chipsets on any other chipset and on all versions of Windows with free Raid 2 Raid software. Raid 2 Raid will accommodate your existing RAID arrays on the new PC – whether or not it supports hardware RAID! Raid 2 Raid is completely free – download your copy now and get your RAID back!
Features of Raid 2 Raid Data recovery software :
  • Makes RAID Transfer between different motherboard chipset easier
  • Supports Intel, nVidia, and VIA chipsets
  • Supports JBod (RAID 0), Stripe (RAID 0), Mirror (RAID 1), RAID 5, and RAID 0+1 (RAID 10) Array types.
  • Supports files system both forward and backward compatible from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008.
How to recover deleted files with Raid2Raid data recovery :
  • After installed, deleted files and folders marked in red colour will appear.
  • Right click on these files or folder to recover these files.
How to use Raid2 Raid data recovery software to recover deleted raid data files :
  1. Download and install Raid2Raid. After installation run the utility. Double click on the disk drive, partition or volume from where the data needs to be recovered.
  2. After a few seconds it will display deleted files and folders in red 'X' marks. Select the one you need to be recovered.
  3. Right click on the selected item and click on 'Recover this files' from the context menu. Select a location to save this file and Raid2Raid will start the recovery process.
As there is no much free raid data recovery software on web, Raid 2 Raid software definitely is a good windows utilities especially helps those inexperience user recover back raid data instantly.

Meanwhile, Raid To Raid is a free download that should work with most versions of the Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

18 Firefox Add-Ons that Help You Save Money

Posted: 19 May 2010 06:12 PM PDT

Mozilla Firefox Add-OnsLet's face it, times are tough and every penny counts. Instead of just money saving websites, here is a list of 18 Firefox Add-Ons that will help save you money on a daily basis.

1. Listia
This is an auction site where everything is free; instead of cash, people use credits to get free stuff. The idea is to give away the stuff you don't want any more and get stuff you do want for free. The more stuff you give away, the more credits you get. Then use those credits to get new things for free. Use this firefox add-on to help sort through all the free stuff on
2. InvisibleHan
This handy extension will act like its namesake and point you to better deals whenever you shop online. A discreet notification will pop up if the InvisibleHand extension finds a lower price in its database of over 100 different online retailers from the US, UK, and Germany. With information from major shopping sites like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Sears, InvisibleHand will help you find the best deals and save a ton of money in the process. Click here to get the add-ons

3. Offer Assistant
Tired of hunting down those discount and coupon codes when you shop online? The Offer Assistant is here to bring the offers to you! The extension helpfully includes any promo information regarding your item in your Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search results. Could it be any more convenient? Click here to get the add-ons

4. Advanced Travel
Traveling can get really expensive, and so people spend hours upon hours trying to find the best travel deals online. Advanced Travel makes things a lot simpler by displaying search results for the most popular travel websites. The extension's engine reads your IP address to find out what area you're in, and will alter the search results accordingly. Click here to get the add-ons

5. Ookong
Have you ever found yourself burning the midnight oil looking for the best prices for your item? Get some sleep and let the Ookong extension do the work for you. Ookong takes a look at an item's price history, tracks any price changes, and tells you when the price drops. It's like having a broker telling you exactly when the best time to buy is. Click here to get the add-ons

6. Woot Watcher is a quirky website that allows for major savings. The catch is, the site sells only one product for each day, in limited quantities. If you'd really like to get something you want at Woot's rock-bottom prices, then, you need to watch the site religiously. This great extension does the watching for you, alerting you on the day's product, price, and stock left. Click here to get the add-ons

7. Buy It Online
Ever found an item online you couldn't wait to get your hands on? Didn't want to waste any time browsing around for sites that might offer it at lower prices? This extension allows you to do that within seconds. All you have to do it right-click on the product, click "Buy it online", and the extension will display several sites that sell it, too! Click here to get the add-ons

8. Savvy Circle Plugin
The Savvy Circle Plugin sends you an email whenever an item you have your eye on goes on sale. All you need to do is add the item to your Savvy Circle wishlist, and everything else will follow. With support for over 100 different online stores, you're sure to save money with this extension. Click here to get the add-ons

9. ReminderFox
The fees on unpaid bills can add up, making your unnecessary expenses pile up into astronomical amounts. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor by installing this extension. It acts like a to-do list in your browser, reminding you when important matters need to attending. Click here to get the add-ons

10. Lonely Planet
Looking for the best possible way to enjoy your trip? Save a few bucks by installing this extension. It'll give you access to the Lonely Planet travel guides without having to buy the guides themselves. You can even plan a budget trip with the helpful information contained in the guide. Click here to get the add-ons

11. World Travel Guide
Are the Lonely Planet guides not enough for you? Blow your options wide-open as this Firefox extension gives you access to even more travel guides. It's easy, convenient, and best of all, free!
Click here to get the add-ons

12. Biet-O-Zilla
Did you ever find an incredible bargain on eBay, bid on it, only to have it stolen away from you just before the auction closes? This amazing extension helps you make last minute bids with ease. You'll end up saving a ton of cash on your eBay purchases when you have the speed to get the best deals. Click here to get the add-ons

13. UpName Expired Domains Search
Working on an online business? The right domain name can have a significant effect on the traffic to your site. You can find top-ranked domain names for cheap by purchasing expired or deleted domain names. This handy extension searches all major domain sellers for these discount online gold mines, saving you the effort of tracking them down, and saving you money on a worthwhile investment. Click here to get the add-ons

14. Product Seeker Search
This Firefox search bar add-on is a boon to online shoppers. Simply enter a product into Product Seeker Search, and it'll give you results for all the major retailers that handle that item. You can then organize results by price, product rating, and store rating to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Click here to get the add-ons

15. PriceTrace Toolbar
Smart shoppers and bargain hunters alike will be drooling over this money-saving extension. The add-on gives you one-click access to price histories and price comparisons for over 40 major online retailers. The "Find Fillers" function will alert you of any special offers that you might qualify for while making your purchases. Best of all, the extension will inform you if an item you've had it track drops in price. What more could you want? Click here to get the add-ons

16. PriceBlink
If you like your Firefox extensions a little more discreet, then PriceBlink is for you. This browser plug-in works in the background, so you probably won't even notice it's there. Unless, of course, it can save you money. Whenever you go online shopping, PriceBlink will pop up if it's found the same item at a lower price, or if it's included in any special offers. Click here to get the add-ons

17. Dympol Discount Entertainment
Music-lovers can now keep their wallets nice and full with the discount offerings of dympol. Install the toolbar on your browser, and discount prices pop up in third-party music retailers like AmazonMP3. When you make your purchase at full price, cash-back rebates equal to the discount will automatically be sent to your dympol account. These funds can then be easily transferred to your PayPal or Amazon Payments account. You can use them to avail of discounts with dympol's sponsors. Click here to get the add-ons

18. TimeTracker
As the old adage goes, "Time is Money". The time you spend leisure browsing could be costing you, especially if it's decreasing your productivity at work. Hold yourself accountable with the TimeTracker extension. It records how much time you spend leisure surfing, and can be set to ignore the time spent at work-related sites. Once you see how much time you've wasted on YouTube, Facebook and the like, you'll find yourself actually doing some work for a change.
Click here to get the add-ons

Free Laptop Security Lock Software

Posted: 19 May 2010 06:05 PM PDT

How to lock down a laptop to a table with your spare USB thumbdrive? In addition on having a Kensington Lock for your laptop, how about a secondary security lock with your spare USB thumb drive?

You should be familiar with Laptop Alarm, also known as LAlarm, it is free for personal use. How does it works? When a thief removes the laptop from the table, the flash drive will be disconnected from the laptop and then an alarm will go off.

LAlarm™ is free laptop alarm security software. LAlarm sounds an alarm when a laptop is in danger of being stolen or losing data, and it can recover and destroy data if the laptop is stolen. LAlarm consists of seven alarms and other security functions designed to protect laptops, sensitive data and laptop users.
LAlarm™ Features :
  • Theft Alarm- Prevent laptop theft by sounding an alarm when a thief tries to steal a laptop.
  • Perimeter Alarm- Alert when a laptop goes outside a perimeter. It helps prevent laptop misuse and keeps the laptop within a safe boundary.
  • Inattention Alarm- Sound an alarm when the owner leaves the computer unattended in an unsafe area for a period of time. It helps prevent laptop theft.
  • Battery Alarm- Alarm when the battery is under stress in order to preserve the battery capacity and prolong the battery lifetime. It also alarms when the battery level is low to prevent data corruption due to sudden power loss.
  • Disk Alarm- Alarm when a hard disk drive needs a repair or replacement in order to prevent data loss and laptop failure.
  • Data Destruction- Protect sensitive data by destroying the data if the laptop is stolen.
  • Data Recovery- Can recover data from a stolen laptop.
  • Mobile Phone Alert- Send an alert to a mobile phone via email or SMS.
  • Theft Response- You can tell your laptop what to do in advance if your laptop is in hands of a thief.
  • Health Alarm- Alert the user when using a computer for an extended period of time in order to prevent computer-related injuries.
  • Panic Alarm- Alert an emergency contact in case of an emergency. Also emits a loud alarm sound to protect the user from an attacker.
Get LAlarm free
  • LAlarm version 5.7
  • Size: 970 Kbytes
  • License : free for personal use (for business use, obtain a license)
  • System requirements: Windows 7, WIndows Vista, Windows XP SP2 (or SP3).

Download, Backup And Restore Windows XP, Vista And 7 Drivers With Double Driver Backup

Posted: 19 May 2010 05:58 PM PDT

How to download and backup windows drivers with free software? If you're a IT administrator for a university, public library, cybercafe and anything to do with lots of computers, you might want to try Double Driver when it comes to formatting and restoring computers. What it does is it makes a copy of all the drivers in your system and restore it with a click of a mouse.

Here are Double Driver Features :

Double Driver BackupDouble Driver is a very simple and useful tool which not only allows you to view all the drivers installed on your system but also allows you to backup, restore, save and print all chosen drivers.

Personally I find this software useful because it enables me to extract lost drivers, for instant, old drivers where the CD is lost. Double Driver is freeware.

Recovery Lost Windows 7, Vista, XP Product Key with KeyFinder

Posted: 19 May 2010 03:19 AM PDT

KeyFinderLosing Windows product key is a tragedy that no one wants it to happen even for once. Imagine if you have to to reinstall it and need the product key but you can't find it anywhere. When you search the internet to find out if there is any program that can recover the key you will likely to find those commercial products that cost you some money. While they can do the job, why would you spend your money on them if you can download free programs that can do exactly the same? KeyFinder Pro is just one of the many free product key recovery tools you can use.

Despite the title "Pro", KeyFinder Pro is actually a freeware and it is also portable. This program can recover Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000 product key. Aside from these operating systems, it can also recover Microsoft Office 2007, 2003 and Office XP product key. The serial key for each supported program will be displayed automatically once you launch the program. It scans and finds the key without you having to do anything, not even clicking a button. KeyFinder Pro link

Download Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010

Posted: 19 May 2010 03:18 AM PDT

Trend Micro Internet Security Pro provides the most comprehensive protection available for your personal and financial information, whether you're at home or on the road. Shop, bank and invest online with total peace of mind

Smart security features safeguard your personal and financial information from hackers and identity thieves :
  • Prevent keyloggers from spying on your passwords, account numbers, and other personal information
  • Remotely secure confidential files and folders in case your computer is lost or stolen
  • Automatically check the legitimacy of Wi-Fi "hot spots" when you use your laptop on the road
Proactive defense against present and future threats
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro defends your computer from the latest spyware, viruses and phishing scams, and goes one step further:
  • Automatically alerts you before you are about visit an unsafe webpage
  • Rates safety of links in instant messages and web-based email programs
  • Prevents data thieves, viruses, SMS text message spam and other malware from invading your smartphone
  • Exclusive – First Visitor Protection: Inspects webpage content in real-time – so you're protected even if you're the first visitor to a new unsafe website
  • Keeps your protection current with automatic updates
Tools to optimize your PC performance
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro includes powerful, easy-to-use tools to keep your computer running smoothly:
  • Clean up registry and temp files and manage startup programs to boost PC performance
  • Get a complete and customizable snapshot of security activities on your computer
Surf the web without worry
  • Get security updates when you want it through State Aware. Our software stops security updates or downloads when you are doing presentations, watching movies, or playing games and resumes only after you complete your activities.
  • Quick Scan allows you to quickly find and remove most malware when you are running short on time.
System Requirements:
  • Windows 7 (32/64-bit) Ultimate/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic
  • Windows Vista (32/64-bit) Ultimate/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic, with SP1
  • Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional Edition, with SP2
  • Windows XP Media Center/Tablet PC 2005 Editions, with SP2+
  • Download Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010

Error Repair Professional v4.1.9 Full

Posted: 19 May 2010 01:18 AM PDT

Error Repair Professional v4.1.9 FullKeep your PC operating smoothly by using Error Repair Professional to scan, identify, clean and repair errors in your PC with a single click. With a few easy steps, it will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provides a list of the registry errors found. You can then choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair them all. Windows Registry is the nerve center of your PC and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.

These problems can occur for many reasons including uninstalling software with poor un-installation routines, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, improperly deleting files and orphaned startup programs. By using Error Repair Professional regularly to fix error in Windows registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows boot faster.

Windows Registry is the nerve center of your PC and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. These problems can occur for many reasons including uninstalling software with poor un-installation routines, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, improperly deleting files and orphaned startup programs. By using Error Repair Professional regularly to fix error in Windows registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows boot faster.

The Windows registry is a database which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows 32-bit versions, 64-bit versions. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of the PC. Whenever a user makes changes to "Control Panel" settings, or file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry
Download Error Repair Professional v4.1.9 Full

Download UniBlue DiskRescue 2009 Serial Key Free Full Version

Posted: 19 May 2010 12:35 AM PDT

UniBlue DiskRescue 2009 is a powerful solution to use when you notice that your PC has run slow lately. It enables you to perform a quick scan to check if there is any fragmented file on your hard drive. When it does find some that require defragmentation and provide you with the full detail report of the scanning, you can defrag the files in a click of a button.

DiskRescue 2009 also has the ability to schedule auto defragmentation. If you're interested, you will have to purchase it at, normally, $39.95 unless there is a special discount. This price may not a big deal but why buying it when you can get it for free? Uniblue DiskRescue 2009 is now being given away by the developer as a part of a promotion.

How to get free full version Uniblue DiskRescue 2009 serial key:
  1. Fill out the software registration form which you can find right on this following page:
  2. Click the submit button to get the license key delivered to your inbox.
  3. Download DiskRescue 2009 installer from this direct download link
  4. Open your email and copy the serial number.
  5. Install DiskRescue and then click the "register now" button in the bottom left of the program window after you finish with the installation.
  6. Now paste the serial activation key you have copied and click the "activate now" button afterwards. Then restart the program to complete the registration and activate the full version.

Free Download Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Redistributable Package (x86, x64, ia64)

Posted: 19 May 2010 12:24 AM PDT

On a computer that has no Visual C++ 2010 installed, users need to download and install Visual C++ 2010 runtime redistributable package if they want to be able to run programs that are developed with Visual C++ 2010. While most of the programs that you've downloaded, the ones that requires Visual C+ 2010 runtime libraries, are likely to have already included the pack, there might be some applications that are not. Hence, you will have to download the package separately.

If you download a program developed with Visual C+ 2010 but doesn't include the necessary package to be able to run it on a computer without Visual C++ 2010, then you can download it from these direct download links :

32-bit (x86): VCRedist_x86.exe
64-bit (x64): VCRedist_x64.exe
ia64: VCRedist_ia64.exe

Or, you can visit each of the download pages to see the details: 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64), ia64

Just pick the right one and start your download. Visual C++ 2010 Runtime requires Windows 7; Windows Server 2003 R2; Windows Server 2003 SP2; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2008 SP2; Windows Vista SP2; or Windows XP SP3.

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista And 7 Error Messages Codes

Posted: 18 May 2010 05:12 AM PDT

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista And 7 Error Messages CodesWindows error is a common thing, this is due to the complexity and the wide number of hardware vendors in the market, almost impossible to make sure each and everyone of them is compatible with one another.

If you happened to receive a Windows Error Message code and have absolutely no idea what it is about, try ErrMsg. It is a Windows Error Code Lookup Tool that will show the information about the error code. Windows Error Code Lookup Tool is free and simple to use, as shown in the screen shot above, all you have to do is paste the code into the input box and it will diagnosis the problem. Couldn't be simpler.

Works with almost every product by Microsoft – from Internet Explorer to MSN, from Media Player to Zune.

AVG Rescue CD - Free Recovery NTFS and FAT32 File System Software

Posted: 18 May 2010 05:02 AM PDT

AVG Rescue CD is a portable application provided by AVG to help users repair their computers that aren't able to boot up normally due to perhaps a severe virus infection. It is available for download for Windows and Linux and supports both NTFS and FAT32 System. You can run this repair tool from your USB drive or CD.

Features of AVG Rescue CD :
  • Provides a complete administration toolkit to recover your system.
  • Two-panel file manager, called Midnight Commander, to browse your folders.
  • Windows Registry Editor for those who really know how to play with the registry.
  • TestDisk that provides a powerful recovery mechanism for your hard drive.
  • Ping to test the availability of network resources (servers, domains, IP addresses).
  • Common Linux programs and services- vi text editor, OpenSSH daemon, ntfsprogs etc.
  • It enables you to perform a clean boot from either your CD or USB drive.
AVG Rescue CD

If you're interested in using this free AVG repair toolkit you can download it from one of these links depending on which one you need:

AVG Rescue CD for CD
AVG Rescue CD for USB