Thursday, June 7, 2012

[computer-tech-support: 8474] mtherboard documentation

hey there guys, you have gibe me a lot of help in the past, and now i
am back with something that is driving me crazy.
i am a well organised person, and as such i like having everything in
oder. i have a new motherboard, and i have lost its documantation, and
i was just wondering if you can halp me find a site with its
documantation. scribd has it, but i cant download it, its giving me a
lot of problems... please help me.
thank you in advance for the help.

and another thing i have "LG power tools" installed on my system and
lately its been giving problems when i start it, i always get a
message saying windows has encountered an error and the options to
report the error. help!!

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