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Top Five clock designs that will make sure you are on time

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  1. Top Five clock designs that will make sure you are on time - 2012-11-05 02:06:16-05

    Clocks are essential to the smooth running of the modern world, everything is on the clock such as work, meeting friends and even watching your favourite TV series at home. So in this top five we have searched for some of the more interesting and slightly different clocks that make sure we are all on time or at least all working on the same time line. Clocks cannot make us be on time, they just provide the essential information to the user. Computer motherboard clock Here is an interesting example of a clock design that uses an old and recycled computer motherboards, while the clock itself is actually quite retro in looks with brass fittings and a classic style clock face. It is ideal as a deck clock for the office etc. These are the features and details for the retro looking Executive Motherboard Desk Clock; It is not digital, we know, but if you try hard, you should still be able to tell what time it is in order to get to your 9:30 meeting about the overdue TPS reports. Geez! If you had an assistant, you would not need such an awesome clock. You would have someone to … Continue reading

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  2. Top Five gadgets and accessories just for golfers - 2012-11-06 02:36:20-05

    Golf has been influenced by technology ever since the first ball was hit, it is innovation that has brought the game to its current levels, as more new technology and gadgets become available, golfing has become a very popular sport for anyone to start off in. In this top five we are looking at some of the gadgets and accessories available that will help some golfers improve their game, while others will help newcomers to game get started on the way to long and happy association with the golf course and the sport in general. This golf club is the only one you need There is no doubt that a full set of golf clubs with bag and other accessories will take up a lot of space as well as weighing a hefty amount too. However, this golf club has all the clubs that you will ever need for a quick round, in fact there are around 33 different positions for the clubs head to be placed into. It may not be the same as your full set, but then again this is just one club to carry around. Here are the main features for the useful 33 in 1 … Continue reading

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  3. Top Five gadgets that you can make notes on - 2012-11-07 02:40:08-05

    We all use notes in shape or form but instead of just writing them down on a piece of scrap paper that normally end up in the bin. Therefore, for this top five, we have found some interesting ideas in this sector of the market. You might think that a note is just a note, but when it comes to making an impact or getting that message noticed you are going to need something that stands out from the crowd! That is exactly what you are going to be getting here with these message boards and notepads. Get social with these notes These are notes that everyone is going to understand, they have been designed to have the look and feel of an email or some other social networking message. Either way these notes are easy to understand and look so cool that nobody is going to ignore these notes. Here are the details for the cool looking Social Sticky Notes; As far as sticky notes go, we think that our Social Sticky Notes are the most useful tools for message taking around!  First of all, even if you are away from your social networking site you can still pretend … Continue reading

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  4. Top Five ideas that are loosely related to gaming - 2012-11-08 02:21:25-05

    When we mention gaming and gamers this would normally mean computer and video games, but it does not always have to be that way! In fact, there are plenty of good ideas out there to share that are only a little bit related to those hi-tech games. So in this top five we are going to be looking at some of these cool items that might be a game or just might be related somehow to gaming, either way they are going to be a whole lot of fun. Pac-man style sunglasses Here is something that you do not get to see every day; it is a pair of sunglasses but with a cool design done in the style of that retro game Pac-man! These look cool even if the sun is not shining, so expect to see someone wearing a pair of these next time you go out for a drink etc. These are the features for the Hand Drawn Shades (pac-man) – colourful sunglasses; The tiny holes on iamkamty’s shades has the ability to correct short sighted or long sighted vision. Thanks to physics, these holes filter out indirect/diffused light, which helps to sharpen your vision. So you … Continue reading

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  5. Top Five gadgets that should raise a smile on a Friday morning - 2012-11-09 03:09:15-05

    I cannot believe its Friday once more and not only that there are not that many Fridays to go until festive season's starts. with that in mind we thought that we might be needing a bit of cheering up, so in this top five we have tried to find some interesting items that are gadgets, but they are also gadgets that will make you smile. Well they should make you smile unless you are too bothered about how fast the festive season is approaching. Now you can race Angry Birds You cannot get away from Angry Birds these days and this item just proves that point! Here we have a remote controlled racing Angry Bird, they call it the iRacer and you can just see the amount of fun that could be had with these on a Friday afternoon at work! Here are the main features and details for the angry birds infrared control iracer; Nikko: Angry Birds Infrared Controlled iRacers are ready for destruction. From the immensely popular digital game Angry Birds come these amazing “real life” versions. Built to be tough and super quick, the bird can be catapulted via the slingshot-remote that also acts as the charger. … Continue reading

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