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Top five cool speaker ideas for your audio pleasure

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  1. Top five cool speaker ideas for your audio pleasure - 2012-12-03 02:29:39-05

    For a lot of people listening to music is essential just to get through the day and that is why there are so many designs for speakers and audio equipment around these days. In this top five we have found some of the latest developments in this sector, they might be stand alone speakers, headphone of a combo of the two, either way these ideas have been created to make your daily does of music a pleasurable experience. The Urchin speaker from Boom Any speaker that has Boom in its title has to be cool, but in this case you cannot escape that word as its the name of the company behind the speakers. But never the less the Boom Urchin Ready 4 Anything (R4A) is an interesting idea for a highly portable speaker, it is also hard to ignore as the design simply makes it stand it from the crowd and it can take a lot of punishment too. According to the recent BOOM press release, this is what the Urchin has to offer; The Urchin is built to connect with pretty much any Bluetooth device, with support for Version 2.1 + EDR or higher, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile … Continue reading

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  2. Top five devices that use LED's to look cool - 2012-12-04 01:02:46-05
    There are lots our cool uses for those small but bright light emitting diodes (LED) but obviously the main reason for using these little lights is to provide a light source that is both bright and uses low power. In this top five we have found some stylish designs that make good use of the small yet powerful LED to provide a decent light source but not always in the way that you might expect. Pencil thin LED desk lamp The great thing about LED’s is that they are small and yet are capable of providing a good source of light. That is why this interesting design is so cool, it is about the same thickness as a pencil and yet it can provide the user with a decent amount of light even in challenging conditions where light is fading. Here is the thinking behind the thin and stylish Piccolo LED desk lamp; Piccolo is designed with an economy of form that belies the complex engineering that it took to develop this modern light.  An important goal was to make Piccolo as finely scaled as possible.  The body of Piccolo is less than ½" in diameter.  It practically disappears it … Continue reading

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  3. Top five designs for cool clocks - 2012-12-05 03:54:08-05
    Time is essential to our normal daily lives, it has an effect on work, leisure and just about anything else we do and that is why we are always going to need some decent clocks to keep an eye on. But in this top five, we are not just looking clocks these are special clocks that offer the user not just the right time some have other features and they all look totally cool. When the alarm goes you can throw it Here is something that actually allows the user to throw their alarm clock when it sounds off, some people have done this in the past but the clock probably didn't make it! But these are designed to withstand the impact of hitting the wall with force! These are the details on the coolest alarm clock that you throw to stop; Made of soft PVC, the Throwing Alarm Clock series from Toyo Trading must be thrown in order to shut the alarm off. Of course, you still need to take care not to blast grandma's vase. Using the Hand Grenade option combined with the Danger Bomb Alarm Clock you can blow up your morning over and over. You start … Continue reading

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  4. Top five gadgets that are supposed to be good for your health - 2012-12-06 02:26:38-05
    This is traditionally the time of year when we start thinking about health and fitness; it probably has something to do with all of the food and drink that we tend to consume over the holidays. Therefore, in this top five we have been looking at fitness equipment that has a modern edge to it. we are not looking for exercise equipment as this is something completely different, what we have found is cutting edge technology that can help the user become or stay fit and healthy. Take your personal trainer with you For such a small device the Fitbit Zip takes on a wide range of services, it is your trainer, dietician, motivator and lifestyle coach all rolled into one. You simply clip the device onto your clothing, it the starts to work monitoring and motivating you throughout the day via the handy app. Here are the main details for this Fitbit Zip lifestyle coach device; Fill in your personal details and it will help you to work out your BMI, set fitness goals and even manage your diet. Keep it updated with the meals and snacks you have eaten and it will give you up-to-the-minute diet and exercise … Continue reading

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  5. Top five interesting gadgets for gamers - 2012-12-07 02:05:29-05
    It is amazing how massive the games market has become over the years, who would have thought back in the day when pong, asteroids and Luna landing where introduced that gaming would have been so big today. In this top five we have been looking for and found interesting gift ideas for the gamer, they are a mix of classic and modern, mobile and console, but this is proper gaming gear through and through, can you take it? Smartphone tag laser gun There is a lot happening with the AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag, it's a laser gun, offers multi, single and team games, as well as coming with a variety of AR games compatible with iOS and Android powered devices. Here are the main specs for the cool AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag; For Ages 8 years and up Smartphone-assisted laser tag game Play a variety of games including: Multiplayer laser tag Capture the flag Arcade mode with carnival style shooter games You can play single, multi or team games and AppTag can be used with other guns that have an accessory rail, such as Nerf™, BuzzBee™, etc The free AppTag Apps keep score via Wi-Fi and players can pick up … Continue reading

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