Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Re: [computer-tech-support: 8514] Computer turns itself off, randomly doesn't boot

On 7/25/2013 8:59 AM, Danny Lala wrote:
I have an Asus p5n-e sli motherboard and I believe a core 2 duo processor. The computer is pretty old now, so I'm not sure of the exact processor. I can't turn it on to look. I have 2x 2 gig ddr2 ram, a GeForce I believe gtx card.  The psu is a corsair tx750 watt.     This problem has persisted for the last two years or so. The computer will turn itself off. Usually it happened during gaming. Dusting it out seemed to help.  When this happens it will usually happen in fits. It'll turn itself off often for a few days and then just start working fine.  Sometimes when restarting the mobo will give me one long continuous beep and not start. Other times it'll give me repeating long beeps.     Like I said, usually if I leave my computer off over night or for a day then it'll work fine again for a month or two. However recently after being off for a while, the computer will start turning itself off about a minute after booting. Right after windows starts. Or even during bios. Right now I'm getting the continuous long beep error but if I leave the computer off for a bit it should boot up again, but will still probably shut off. This shutting off a minute after booting has happened once before and after giving up and coming back a day later it worked again.     So this problem has been on going but also seems random. The computer is still usable when it finally decides to work again.  But I'm fearing with the frequency this problem is coming back something is deteriorating, I just can't figure out what.     I initially thought overheating. Dusting seemed to help. But now the CPU doesn't even have time to get hot. When I'm able to boot up I'm going to check bios again for temps and voltage. I guess my question is what could be causing it?  Bad ram?  Bad CPU?  Bad CPU/heatsink connection? Bad mobo? Or declining power supply?     Sorry for the rambling post, I'm typing this on my phone. Thanks for any responses!    
Shut down your computer remove the CPU and first clean off the previous paste with isopropyl alcohol and then reapply a small amount of it again. dismantle the entire motherboard and clean all parts individually and blow a can of air inside so that the dust from small crevices will blow out.
Install software that will show you your core temps as well as the fan rev speed {had this software but dont know what it was called} and check the before and after temps/speeds.
See if this works.

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