Thursday, August 29, 2013

[computer-tech-support: 8524] Updated Rules - 2013 - Read First


1. Do not post spam. If spam is posted then your rights to comment in this group will be suspended. If a second offense occurs you will be removed from the group or have your posts moderated for the duration of the time you are a member. 

2. Do not ask for license keys, passwords, or any illegal information. Your post will be removed, and your future posts will be moderated or you will be removed from this group. 

3. Do not troll, flame, degrade, harass, threaten, or in any way demean a member of the group. First offenses will results in permanent moderation and a second offense will result in removal from this group. 

4. If at all possible please follow up on your posts and try to tell people if something works, this is not required but would be extremely helpful, we just want to know what works for future reference. 

5. Do not include any personal links, addressing, or phone numbers in your posts or signature blocks. (This includes your real name, location, or zip/country code)  This group is intended for assistance and not social networking.  First offences to this will result in receiving either an email or response from an administrator of this group requesting that you remove the link, also posts that have said personal information will be removed.  Second offenses will result in permanent moderation and future offenses could result in removal from this group.   This rule is in place not only for your safety but for the groups safety.

5a. Users that attempt to post a response or topic with their cell phone will have their post removed and should assume that removal of such post was considered a first violation to Rule 5 and future offenses will result in removal from this group.

6. Do not ask for any assistance with testing, exams, or certifications.  This group is for technical support and not for members to answer your school work, please use for this, it is a fantastic search engine.

7. Do not include any links to third party websites that are not common knowledge.  (I.E. - Microsoft, Google, Newegg, CNN, etc are all common knowledge sites.  Third party driver or software download sites that are not common knowledge are forbidden)  Violations to this rule are taken extremely heavily and will result in removal from group due to lack of judgement.

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