Monday, August 12, 2013

[computer-tech-support: 8520] Re: Faulty display due to Graphics card

There shouldn't be any actual wiring on the video card itself, there may be wiring that comes from the video header on the motherboard and goes to the monitor, perhaps that is what they were talking about.  Usually these wires come with heat wrap if they string over any chip that produces heat on the motherboard.  Maybe the heat wrap has moved or gotten damaged?  As far as replacing the video card...  I would be incredibly surprised if you were able to do that, generally laptops have built-in (integrated) video and the only way to replace or upgrade it would be to get an entire new motherboard that had that option but also fits into your shell.

A lot of TVs have VGA connections and you are most likely able to run the video on your television, most video cards have a separate chip dedicated to this and usually runs at lower speeds,  but if you are able to use external video and not the monitor itself that would lead me to believe that it is an issue with the wiring going to the monitor...

As far as the display switch is concerned, most laptops have a "Fn" key or Function key that when you press you can access all types of settings, there should be a key that is labeled or pictured with two TVs (monitors) on it, pressing the Fn and this key would cause the display to flip to the external.

On Tuesday, July 30, 2013 10:13:22 PM UTC-6, nair SL wrote:
Hello people,

My laptop's video card is kaput. Lastly I remember seeing colours on my screen was when it showed horizontal rainbows & ultimately a pale greyscale. So I understand some wiring is dissolved in the high heat emitting chip of my Nvidia 8400G. 
I tried to repair this chipset at a local shop which indeed he forcefully did at the name of diagnosis & was running for another month. But now its blown again!
Also note that the computer boots up normally & launches the welcome screen (though it is not visibe, I can hear the noise & lights).

So guys here is the question. 

1. Can I share the display alone with my TV & continue using the Laptop?
2. I want to finally replace this Graphics. Please suggest what should I buy?

Regarding 1, since my Acer 4520G doesn't have a HDMI port, a vga - vga connection is in my mind. Only worries to me is the apparent display switch without the screen being visible.

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