Thursday, December 26, 2013

Re: [computer-tech-support: 8546] Random freezing for about 10 seconds

Well, in your group instructions you asked for a reply to how things worked out. Lol, you might a kick out of this one.

Well, before I proceeded to try the below instructions you left me here my computer again froze up but worse this time because it remained frozen so I had to pull the plug to reboot. I had an idea to switch out the mouse. I did not have another mouse but when I pulled the usb connection to the mouse and then reinserted it into the back of my hd the continuous on and off freezing seemed to stop. It was hours ago that I did this and my pc has not froze up one time now.

It may be that when I switched internet providers a few months ago that the connection was pulling loose and never caught until today. Due to the problem, software was the first thought to be the problem. The mouse was never considered. Don't know what it was but I just had a hankering to check the mouse today. I am so glad that the problem seems to be fixed and that it was only the mouse because the hardware problems always mean a lot of money.

Thank you for your help, Ceresia!

On Thursday, December 26, 2013 10:37:41 AM UTC-6, Ceresia wrote:
Got this from a dell copy, so hopefully the steps are the same:

  1. Turn on (or restart) your computer. 

  2. When the DELL logo appears, press <F12> immediately. 

If you see a message stating that no diagnostics utility partition has been found, run the Dell Diagnostics from your Drivers and Utilities media.

If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft® Windows® desktop. Then shut down your computer and try again.

  1. When the boot device list appears, highlight Boot to Utility Partition and press <Enter>. 

  2. When the Dell Diagnostics Main Menu appears, select the test that you want to run. 

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